7 Great Paint Colors for Bathrooms


Colors form an important part of one’s life. It has been seen that depending on the color usage, people usually respond to an object or a place. A color affects a person psychologically and helps to express their view.

Painting not only gives a lease of fresh life to a room but it can create a relaxing and refreshing environment. Painter Toronto professionals state that often homeowners are very careful while choosing a paint color for their living room. However, when the selection of colors for the bathroom comes, many people don’t think twice.

Popular Color Options

Well, a bathroom offers the chance to play with colors. It is recommended that the bathroom should be painted with warmer colors. Take a look at some paint color options for the bathroom.

Summer Dragonfly

Painter Toronto professional mentions that Summer Dragonfly is one bright beach aqua color which can be ideal for the bathroom. This color can work great with dark woods and coral accents. It can create a sophisticated look. It can be paired with creamy white color for the doors. Reflection

One paint color which homeowners can opt for is from Reflection range. It comes with the classic gray tones with a hint of cool green shade. It is ideal for bathrooms that come with white tiles. They can go with beach style décor.

Jamaican Aqua

If you are deeply inspired by the Caribbean waters, you can ask reputed painter Toronto to paint the bathroom with aqua color shade. This paint color is an ideal match for the cabinets and floors, which might have looked too gray, in case warm neutral colors were used. This shade provides an appealing and fresh look when it’s paired with accents of lime green color.painter in toronto

Bungalow Beige

Interior designers and homeowners opt for this color for the bathroom. Although this color is widely used for the bedroom and living room, still this color can look good with the silver fixtures of the bathroom. In order to give a classic look to the bathroom, you can add some blue or green towels on the bathroom rack.

Hawthorne Yellowpainter toronto

Another great color shade is Hawthorne Yellow. If you ask any painter Toronto, you will get to know that this color can easily outshine other colors. This yellow color is great as it won’t make a bathroom look very sentimental. This yellow color offers the right amount of satiety as one need. When you are painting the bathroom with this color, make sure to place charcoal gray towels for getting a traditional look.

Blue Nose

Looking for dark blue colors? You can go for this color shade, in order to add some drama to the bathroom space. The color is not too harsh to affect the eyes. This color can look good with white tiles.

Snow on the Mountain

Go for this color shade, if you want your bathroom to look simple. The off-white shade is perfect for getting a soothing environment. For master bathroom, this romantic color can be a great choice.

Before painting the bathroom, take the help of a professional painter Toronto. They can help you to choose the right color scheme for the bathroom.