About us

Cokentics is a small upcoming business management company based in Markham Ontario. With experience in helping many small companies in India grow with effective cash management and financial strategies, we are now aiming to expand our services in the Canadian sector. Business management plays a crucial role in helping shape the future of any company. If any business owner is not good with handling their cash and does not know how to invest in the right project, you will always be less on profit in the end. With cokentics, you will start saving your hard earned money and get more ROI.

Different services offered by us

 Small businesses management services – We help with all the day to day operations, help you re-strategize your financial planning and tackle all your accounting headaches and much more.

Cash Management services – One of the most important elements in all business, we will help you invest in the right things and help you project an impact on the investment

Strategic planning for businesses– Every business needs a direction and a sound strategy to take the company forward. WE are the experts in helping you do that

Accounting and Bookkeeping – Leave all your accounting and bookkeeping headaches to us while you focus on the core business processes.

We have helped many companies locally and globally in growing out financial and structurally. If you are running a business and cannot generate big profits, we are there to help you. Get in touch with us as soon as possible and contact us by emailing or calling  us. Cokentics is the ideal solution to your growth!