6 Deterring Factors that Challenge Basement Renovation

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Using a basement as a repository to store junk and unwanted appliances has been an age-old practice by a majority of homeowners. However, lately, things have turned out to be different. People are investing in basement renovations to spruce up their homes and the overall real estate value. Upgrading basements into habitable space is therefore on a rage now.

Are you planning to facelift the basement of your home? Go ahead. Transform it into a luxurious personal theatre, kid’s hub or even an auxiliary bedroom. However, before you proceed with basement renovations, you should stay abreast of the challenges that come along with remodeling.

Read on to know the major deterring factors that experts of basement renovation can solve with ease:

  1. Moisture is the Main Enemy

Moisture always happens to be a culprit in the home renovation project. In fact, a basement is an ultimate den that captures and stores pools of moisture. So, before you delve into the process of remodeling, make sure to use fix this issue.

Usually, skilled workers of a basement renovations services use anti-moisture lock paints to mitigate the issue. If the absorption of moisture is not balanced, cracks not the walls and floor will be inevitable.

  1. Installing the Walls are Not Easy

Many people often overlook the aspect of installing walls on the basements they don’t hold any structural value. However, you should not do the same for walls can dramatically improve the aesthetics of a basement.

Additionally, laying electrical wires will be easier too. Experts usually suggest using steel studs for perfectly sturdy walls.

  1. Focus on Heating & Cooling Requirement

This is a problem with every basement. Owing to its unique location, a basement entails different heating and cooling system. However, at some homes, this particular section is cooler during the summertime and warmer during the winter.

If your basement is designed using a different method, better install electric baseboard heaters to control the temperature.

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  1. Electrical Wiring is Tough

To be true, installing the wires is not tough; the process needs expertise. As a part of a finished basement, you should always focus on the wiring. Call for an expert service who is accustomed to the laws and ethics of regional electrical code.

  1. Floor May Turn into a Foe

Floor installation is a real struggle and if not done in a regular manner, accidents will be common. To install the floor in an efficient way, there is a prior need to incorporating a subfloor made up of plywood. This will render additional stability & warmth to the basement floor. You may also opt for tiles to improve beauty and create a moisture resistant floor.

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  1. A Great Deal with Ceiling

Homeowners usually invest in drywall ceilings due to ease-of-maintenance and affordability. However, that is not certainly for a long-term plan. If you want to fortify the basement ceiling for a substantial period, go for a drop ceiling. Drop ceilings are the best bet to improve the functionality and flexibility at once.

Redoing the basement with the utmost efficiency is challenging. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a dozen more minor and major challenges that you may face. Therefore, it’s always recommended to opt for a professional service of basement renovations to transform the clumsy hidden corner of your home into a spacious & luxurious room.

5 Classic Styles of Cabinets for Adding Pizazz to Your Kitchen

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A wonderfully, serene and clutter-free kitchen is every home-owner’s dream. Like each dream, people put in a lot of effort to fulfil their aspiration of having a fanciable yet functional kitchen. Apart from the flooring and the walls, cabinets play a major role in revamping the cooking area.

Addressing the current trend, a good section of people are opting for modern kitchen cabinets. Unlike the traditional styles, cabinets of these sorts focus on maximum utility with the utmost minimalism. The best part is that the modern cabinets never compromise with the style and aesthetics.

Are you planning to redo your kitchen in the near future? Know the latest trends of modern kitchen cabinets as you read on:

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  • Style with Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is always the first option when it comes to snaziness & style. Usually, people opt for kitchen appliances which are made up of stainless steel. In order to infuse a sense of sophistication cabinets of stainless steel make for a good choice.

There are several perks of using modern kitchen cabinets of steel. For instance, the material is extremely easy-to-use. Secondly, these are extremely durable and eco-friendly too.


  • Veneer & Vibrant

Veneer is in the current in-thing. A lot of people are investing their money in buying veneer cabinets to provide depth and warmth to their kitchenettes. The reasons are all good. Firstly, installing veneer wooden cabinets is a smart way to bring in nature inside the home. Secondly, veneers slabs contain a unique pattern and grains which help to increase the aesthetics of a kitchen at large.

However, make sure to find a reputable maker who is expert in creating high-end slabs and shelves. If the construction is undone, your money will go down the drain for sure.

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  • Luxurious Lacquered

If you yearn for something lavish and lush, opt for lacquer cabinets. Such cabinets are made by the application of multiple coatings of lacquer. Once done, the makers polish and wax the same for an awe-inspiring look. These cabinets cost a bit more than the other types. However, lacquer cabinets are scratch resistant and can last long if maintained properly.


  • Superior Stained Wood

Stained wood of superior quality is in rage now. People who have large kitchen are opting for these modern kitchen cabinets. The texture of the stained wood is favored by people who prefer interior with the right amalgamation of rough, ready and rustic. You can also get such cabinets with Arabesque designs that exhibit modernism and class at once.

modern kitchen cabinets

  • Fancy Floating Shelves

This is clearly the winner of all the options if you want cabinets that is voguish. Floating cabinets are the trendsetters in the realm of modern cabinets. By installing floating cabinets you can store all the ugly utensils on these wall cabinets. Adding a glass frost will also make sense if you want to impart a sophisticated look.

Cliched, yet a kitchen is truly the heart of any home. So, consider all these styles of modern kitchen cabinets mentioned above and accentuate the overall appearance and functionality with class-leading look and feel. Surprise your guests and give your family a warmth with a beautifully done kitchen. And to do the deed, seek professional help.

Quartz vs. Granite Countertops: Parable of a Stone-Cold Duel

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From packing the kids’ nutritious lunch to preparing dishes of holiday feasts, homeowners share a love affair with their countertops. This is why they are super sensitive while choosing the perfect countertops. Be it for redoing the kitchen or replacing an age-old top, when it comes to a countertop, the struggle is real for people.

Thanks to the ever-increasing confusion between quartz countertops and the ones of granites! As a leading fabricator of kitchen countertop, we often deal with customers asking for suggestions to score the best deal.

Addressing the confusion, here is a comprehensive guide on both the tops from scientific and aesthetic perspectives.

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Basic Composition

Quartz is an engineered stone. Therefore, quartz countertops are made up of a good percentage of quartz and other minerals. However, these are not manufactured from quarried stones. High-end countertops are made from the stone byproducts, quartz being dominant.

On the other hand, granite happens to be a natural stone, rather an intrusive igneous rock. Interestingly, the stone is composed of quartz, mica, feldspar, amphiboles, and other mixture of trace minerals in varying proportions.



Kitchen aesthetics matter to the core for it being the heart of a home. Therefore, understanding the outward beauty of both these tops is important. Quartz being an engineered stone renders more consistent look. Moreover, with quartz countertops, you can have an endless number of color choices.

Coming back to granite, the countertops are unique to behold as no pieces bear any resemblance. You may not get a streamline effect owing to the unique pattern of each slab. Here, the choice has to be absolutely personal.



In terms of durability, quartz is a clear winner leaving no more questions. Quartz being fabricated with state-of-the-art techniques has a uniform surface and never allows cracks to grow. Such countertops can withstand attacks of sharp knives and remain unscathed for a prolonged time. Adding to it, a quartz countertop can also resist temperature as high as 400° F.

Granite is strong but surrenders to quartz owing to its porosity. Furthermore, granite countertops have an intrinsic flaw of developing cracks. Due to lack of resins, these also harbor bacteria easily.


Every homeowner wants their fittings, paraphernalia, and appliances to come with a sheer ease-of-maintenance. Countertops made up of quartz are extremely easy to clean and maintain. All you need is lukewarm water to clean and get rid of those stains. A quartz countertop entails zero sealing, reconditioning or polishing. Owing to its porous and natural composition, granite needs special care. Experts suggest sealing granite at an interval of 2 to 3 years. Additionally, countertops of these sorts require special products for daily cleansing.



It goes without saying that a countertop is a long-term investment. In fact, this is a core part of a real estate value. So, don’t expect to install a countertop at a shoe-string budget. If you are low in price, these two types may not be an option.

Considering the exclusivity of these premier materials, countertops cost a good dollar. Granite cost is slightly higher than that of quartz as the latter is ubiquitous.


Environmental Aspect

According to geologists, granite consists of radon- a radioactive gas with potential hazards. However, there is nothing to fear as based on multiple research, it has been confirmed that the amount is minute and safe. Quartz, on the other hand, is completely devoid of any sort of radioactive element.

quartz countertops

Final Verdict:

Both the stones have their own share of advantages. You need to decide on your fetish to get a countertop. For instance, if you yearn to render a natural look to your kitchen, granite is a good option. On the contrary, if you prefer aesthetics and functionality at once, quartz countertops have to be the ultimate choice.

To clear any further confusion and have the smartest purchase of a kitchen countertop, contact us anytime.