Discover the Perks of Using Ephemeral SEO Content for Brands

Ephemeral Content has become an insanely popular trend among digital marketers. Ever since Facebook and Instagram copied the concept of ephemeral content from Snapchat, its popularity rose among the youth and not just for face filters. Today Ephemeral content is a popular marketing tool used by the best digital markets. In fact, if you are working with the best Toronto SEO Company, make sure to invest in Ephemeral content.

In fact, if you’re still in the dark about why ephemeral content is such a hit?

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Why Ephemeral Content is So Popular?

Before going to the topic at hand, let’s establish a few facts:

  • There are almost 1 billion social media accounts on Facebook, Snapchat, and others where story consumption and sharing amounts up to 842%.
  • Chris Cox, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, story sharing and consumption will likely overpower feed content by 2019.

Moving on, the popularity of ephemeral content:

  1. FOMO

One of the major reasons to ask your Toronto SEO firm to invest in ephemeral content as this help cultivate the FOMO (fear of missing out).

Marketers can use it as part of a flash sale, a sudden teaser, the special options at an event, etc. The short temporary time limit can mitigate the mass who under the influence of FOMO will not neglect this content.

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  1. Realness

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of ephemeral content is that it is unhindered and real. Among 60% of brand users and social media accounts consumers claim they are more influenced to purchase produce after they see its review on stories.

Additionally, 86% of online users state that brand authenticity is more important to influence customers.

Thus, ephemeral content posts ‘in the moment’ things which are authentic and helps keep a brand real.

  1. YOLO

Last but not the least ephemeral content is based on the theme, YOLO. This prevents marketers form the need to post the perfect shot. Instead, they can post raw content that works to impress the customers more. This is why it is best to use the top Toronto SEO Company to generate a raw yet appealing ephemeral content.

Moving on,


3 Benefits of Using Ephemeral Content for Businesses 

  1. Wider Reach

Stories are the top of your social media feeds and this is why it is easier to come into the notice of consumers. What’s more? Stories help target a wide range of audiences, and helps brands get appropriate recognition?

In fact, try to see this one your own. Take a popular brand and tag them in your story while using a particular product of theirs. With a relevant hashtag, you can see exactly how the views to the story soar.

  1. Better Engagement

Posting story, using interactive poll stickers, hashtags, features, going life, etc. all give you the opportunity to connect directly with customers. Further, if you have got a good Toronto SEO Company you can ask them to strategize your online ad campaign with ephemeral content.

This will help you create a positive impact on customers, study the behavior of users and finding insight on how to frame an effective marketing strategy.

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  1. Traffic & Conversion

Stories offer links of consumer pages and websites which are a stable way to drag in traffic. Additionally, if you’re working with influence or otherwise, 25% of Story viewers swipe up to open links.

As a result, your brand website gets a good amount of traffic that can lead to steadfast conversion.

Well, apart from this ephemeral content make a brand look authentic and innovative. So, why wait? Consult a reputed Toronto SEO Company today and strengthen your ephemeral content game.