Reasons to Hire a Canadian Immigration Lawyer


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There are a variety of reasons to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer. Not only can an attorney handle direct communication with the Canadian Government, but they can also polish your application and overturn a refusal. In this article, we’ll explore these and other reasons to use a lawyer. You may be wondering what to look for in a lawyer. Listed below are just a few. To make your selection easier, you can browse through our list of the top reasons to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer.

Can a Canadian immigration lawyer overturn a refusal?

If you’ve been refused a visa by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you may be able to appeal the decision to the Federal Court. If you’re in an extremely high-risk situation and a judge is likely to rule in your favour, you should consider this option. Depending on the circumstances, this may be a more difficult process than you initially thought.

The first step in the appeal process is to send a notice of appeal to the Federal Court of Canada. This process, called judicial review, requires you to show that your immigration officer’s decision is unfair or based on an error of law. You must file the appeal within 15 days of the denial letter or 60 days of the date you were refused. The Immigration Appeal Division must rule in your favor, and can take up to three months to make a decision.


Can a Canadian immigration lawyer handle direct communication with the Canadian Government?

A Canadian immigration lawyer can help you navigate the complicated rules of entry into Canada. Some immigrants are vulnerable to fraud, negligence, or extreme vulnerability. If the documents provided are false, the immigrants’ immigration status will be permanently damaged. Fraudulent behaviour can cost a person their wages, their property in their home country, or even their loans. Therefore, it is imperative that the Toronto immigration lawyer you hire has experience in handling such cases.

The Government of Canada recently announced new regulations for immigration consultants. These new regulations include the creation of a strengthened self-regulation body for immigration consultants. This new body, called the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), received royal assent in June 2019. The Act came into force on December 9, 2020. The new College will be independent of the government, although it will be under strong oversight by the Immigration and Refugee Council of Canada (IRCC).

Can a Canadian immigration lawyer polish your application?

While it may seem like an easy task, the immigration process can be daunting. After all, not every job offer is the same. While hiring an immigration attorney can expedite the process, you should also consider hiring interviewers to present your case. In addition, submitting freedom of information requests can be a great way to ensure your application is error-free. If you have a full-time job, hiring a legal adviser can be especially helpful.

It is important to know what documents your lawyer will be requesting, and if there are any missing documents. Immigration laws are complex and can cause a lengthy wait for applicants. Sometimes, it may take several years to get the approval you need. Fortunately, a Canadian immigration lawyer can guide you through this complicated process. With their knowledge, they can present your case in the best possible light. In addition, they can help you determine if your lawyer is the cause of the delay.